Staff Contacts


382 ALMENDRAL, ANNETTE Property Accountant Send Email
392 BLACK, TENNILLE Tenant A.R. Send Email
349 BRUCE, JONATHAN A / P Manager Send Email
314 BURNS, ALISSA Accounts Payable Send Email
337 CORNELIUS, MARCIA Accounting Assistant Send Email
399 HAU, BILL Supervising Senior Accountant Send Email
296 KRIEG, AMANDA Payroll Administrator Send Email
288 LAMBERT, DANIELLE Accounting Assistant Send Email
374 LANZA, KELLY Director of Financial Operations Send Email
281 LaVALLE, KELLY Lease Administrator Send Email
303 MCVEETY, CHRISTOPHER Property Accountant Send Email

Metro Property Group

336 COLEMAN, JAMES K. Managing Member Send Email
355 CUNIBERTI, MIKE Director of Management Send Email
317 HOULIHAN, JEREMIAH Asset Manager Send Email
350 KAMMERER, BARBARA Risk Manager Send Email
339 LULGJURAJ, DAVID Asset Manager Send Email
353 MELENDEZ, CARMEN Legal Department Manager Send Email
362 OLFANS, TOMASZ Asset Manager Send Email
366 PLUMAJ, ANGIE Administrative Assistant Send Email
381 SULLIVAN, BRIAN Asset Manager Send Email

Administrative Staff

322 BALZANO, TERRI Assistant to James J. Houlihan Send Email
200 CAVALLUZZI, SUSAN Receptionist Send Email
356 FERGUSON, MAUREEN Office Assistant Send Email
334 JAME, BONNIE Assistant to James G. Houlihan Send Email
320 KOLESSAR, CHRISTINE Assistant to Fred Stahl and Sheldon Stahl Send Email
315 KOWATCH, PAT Assistant to James K. Coleman Send Email
333 SALVATORE, LAURA Office Manager Send Email
299 TURNER, GARY Office Administration Send Email
364 VERZIVOLLI, FLAVIA Assistant to Rob Tiburzi & Ted Sannella Send Email

Executive Team

336 COLEMAN, JAMES K. Managing Member Send Email
340 HOULIHAN, JAMES G. Member Send Email
324 HOULIHAN, JAMES J. Member Send Email

GHP Office Realty

310 CINICOLO, MICHAEL Vice President of Operations Send Email
340 DEVITO, JOSEPH Tenant Services Coordinator Send Email
346 GREENSPAN, ANDY Managing Member Send Email
365 HICKEY, BRENDAN Leasing Associate Send Email
309 HOULIHAN, KELLY Senior Director Send Email
301 LOFARO, ANDREA Director of Administration Send Email
311 MAHONEY, BRITTANY Administrative Assistant Send Email
394 MCNAMARA, ROBERT Tenant Services Coordinator Send Email
345 SCHWARTZ, JAMIE Executive Vice President Send Email

Sales Staff

383 CRONIN, JEANNE Senior Director Send Email
347 DOUEK, ZEEV Senior Director Send Email
380 GRAF, ED Senior Director Send Email
304 HENDEY, RICH Senior Director Send Email
344 HOULIHAN, BRYAN Senior Director Send Email
307 HOULIHAN, CHRISTIE Senior Director & Counsel Send Email
317 HOULIHAN, JEREMIAH Senior Director Send Email
373 MANOUS, JOHN Senior Director Send Email
305 McCULLOCH, STEVE Senior Director Send Email
323 O'NEILL, MIKE Senior Director Send Email
318 RABINOWITZ, DAVE Senior Director Send Email
332 SANNELLA, TED Senior Director Send Email
319 SLAVIN, RICHARD Senior Director Send Email
330 STAHL, BARBARA Senior Director Send Email
329 STAHL, FRED Senior Director Send Email
328 STAHL, SHELDON Senior Director Send Email
300 TIBURZI, ROB Senior Director Send Email

HP Capital

368 MORRIS, BILL Director of Mortgage Operations Send Email